ThinkDo Project is the first cutting-edge app that automated schedules for better project management. Its revolutionary math model and chart are a step beyond Gantt and PERT.

Forget about schedulers. Enter your data just like in your to-do list app, and ThinkDo does the rest for your project.

ThinkDo allows you to easily update project schedules thanks to the manually established links between tasks. Packing everything you need from PMBOK, the days of hidden human errors are over.

ThinkDo unleashes the next generation of project management software. This is my creation which I have been building for the past 6 years. I am very proud to say that it is finally alive!

The great thing about ThinkDo is that it is still young, and has infinite room for development. However, all disruptive projects from the Egyptian pyramids to the Mars landing would not have happened without a team of great minds working together, and ThinkDo is no exception.

This is why I am inviting всех to join the development of ThinkDo, and build together the future of Project Management. All proposals are welcome. If you are interested please .