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Deliverable-Activity Breakdown Structure for Bicycle WBS from Practice Guide for Work Breakdown Structure

posted 6 Dec 2014, 13:14 by Oleksandr Tugayev   [ updated 6 Dec 2014, 13:18 ]
Let's apply ThinkDo principle works to the famous example from the Practice Guide for WBS – bicycle WBS.
Bicycle WBS from Practice Guide For PMI's Work Breakdown Structure is shown on the picture below.
Let's cut it into two parts as shown in this picture. 
In the part above we have Deliverable, and below – Activity Breakdown Structures, see next two pictures.
Let’s build our Deliverable-Activity Breakdown Structure in matrix form on the basis of both of these hierarchical structures. We’ll use deliverables to fill the rowes of DABS and activities – to fill the columns. Please, see the result on the picture below.

What blue marks mean to us? For example, the point of the intersection of the row “Fork” and the column “Assembly” shows that Fork has to be assembled and this activity is in our project scope.

Perhaps, you can understand that DABS contains more information than initial WBS. Also it occupies less space and, for me, to work with a matrix is much easier than with the hierarchical structures.

But DABS can give us more interesting advantages. ThinkDo Project can build project schedule without manually placing links between the tasks.

Posted 22nd May 2011 by Oleksandr Tugayev